(An extract from RAOC Corps Instructions)

The rules for appointment to Conductor are:

  1. Selections are made by the Conductors RAOC Board, the composition of which is shown below.
  2. The number of Conductors is limited to not more than 10% of the warrant Officers Class 1, less Regimental Sergeant Major, posts in the Corps Manpower planning Target (MPT) for the manning year of the Board.  In making this calculation Warrant Officers Class 1 serving on any form of continuance beyond 22 years reckonable service are not to be included.
  3. To be eligible for selection, a Warrant Officer Class 1  must have:

    (1)  At least three years service at substantive Warrant Officer Class 1 at 31 May of the year in which he is being considered.

    (2)  Have a minimum grading of ‘B’ ‘Above the Standard’ in Part 1 of at least two Confidential Reports as a Warrant Officer Class 1.

  4. Warrant Officer Class 1 in the Career Group of Military Training Instructor holding the appointment of Regimental Sergeant Majors are not eligible for selection to appointment of Conductor.
  5. It will be unusual for a Staff Sergeant Major to be considered for the appointment of Conductor if he has received a regimental entry on his conduct sheet as a Staff sergeant Major.
  6. In making selections for appointment to Conductor, the Conductors RAOC will consider Staff Sergeant Majors in order of seniority. Other aspects of service in its broad sense are also to be considered such as sporting, welfare, church, charitable and similar activities deserving recognition outside the honours list.  The overriding factor however be merit as recorded in the Confidential Report.
  7. Warrant Officers, who in the opinion of their reporting officers have the potential for appointment of Conductor, should be specifically recommended in their confidential reports at Part 2 and Part 3 or 4.  The pen pictures at paragraph 20, 22 and/or 24 should state clearly whether the warrant Officer has the potential for appointment to Conductor, and if so assess him against others in the field, placing him in the high, middle, low or deferred categories.


The Board will consist of:

a. Comd RAOC Trg Centre (President)


c. Lt Col nominated by HQ DGOS

d. SO PB9

e. SO1 Manning RAOC M&RO

f. OIC Manning Control Wing RAOC M&RO (Secretary)

  1. The Board is to select Staff Sergeant Majors for appointment to Conductor RAOC.  (Note:  Final approval of those selected is the prerogative of DGOS).
  2. The Board will be convened at a date (normally in Mar) and time decided by the President and will meet at the RAOC Manning and Record Office, 51 Saffron Road, Wigston, Leicester.